Cadence sports massage: helping you feel relaxed and pain free

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Are you fed up feeling stuck and in pain? Frustrated at no longer being able to do what you used to do with ease? Day to day tasks just seem to drain even more energy from you, leaving you stuck in a circle of pain and low energy.

I know how you feel and it’s the reason I trained as a sports massage therapist because I’ve experienced how frustrating chronic pain can be and how much of a benefit deep pressure massage combined with targeted movement of those muscles and joints can provide.

My name is Lucie Bromfield and I specialise in targeting tight feeling muscles and joints and helping to get them working again, without leaving you feeling bruised.

Sports massage can help with pain relief and increase your range of movement. It can help if you’ve got tense shoulders from working at a computer, or tight hips from training for a marathon. I’ve been trained in the techniques of trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique and soft tissue release, all of which will help those nerves and muscles feel like they can finally rest and recover.

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I’m confident that you’ll be feeling better after a treatment. I work with you to form a plan of the areas to treat during our consultation time. I always work within your pain threshold and will make sure sure that the tense and painful areas are feeling more comfortable.

I’m insured with the FHT and qualified to level 4 VTCT. I work from my treatment room at home in Tonyrefail, South Wales.

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I went to see Lucie with a sore back and knee, the work she has done in one hour is amazing. She has left me with no pain in my back and hardly any pain in my knee. In just one hour!!!!! Absolutely amazing, would highly recommend. Thank you

Heidi, Facebook

This lady can work miracles! Would highly recommend. Been having some treatment and is working well. Thank you so much Lucie 😊

Cerys, Facebook

Lucie was great at developing a suitable plan for my treatment, but was also extremely flexible with it when other problem areas became more prominent and needed attention. Would definitely recommend for sports massage/therapy!

Jason, Facebook

Thank you Lucie for a quiet productive hour. I didn’t know what to expect and found it surprisingly relaxing. A few days later I find I am looser and able to balance better

Sheridan, Facebook

Lucie did everything she could to help me with my injury, not just in the session but also sending information and links for stretching exercises outside of the sessions. Very reasonable price, highly recommend!

John, Google