Sports massage help for back pain

Here’s some principles from sports massage for help with back pain.

Has anyone else end up with back pain having a living room reshuffle to fit the Christmas tree in? 🙈🖐️🎄

Here’s 3 things from sports massage techniques to help…

Sports massage techniques to help back pain

🌟One of the things I always check before a sports massage treatment is if the client is warm enough. Heat is always good to relax muscles, and even more so when they have gone into spasm. A nice hot shower or even a hot water bottle on your back is a great option. Even better if you are able to get in the bath for a really long soak, get those candles going and really chill out.

🌟Try and find the tight muscular area with your knuckles and give it a good kneading, you may be surprised how far into the glutes you have to go to ease back pain! Book a sports massage session to really get a good going over the tight muscles. This will focus on not just the back and the spine, but the hips and the glutes, as everything is connected in the body

🌟Give it time to relax. If the nerves in the muscles have been aggravated then they need time to settle down. The more that your nervous system feels safe, then the quicker it’ll send signals for the muscles to calm down too. So reach for your favourite beverage and try to find some chillout time

Aftercare for back pain

Once the area has calmed down a bit, it’s good to get it moving again, otherwise the muscles will start to think that the only safe option is for them to do nothing and to freeze, and that will only bring more trouble

Hoping these ideas for sports massage help for back pain have helped and that you enjoy a pain free Christmas

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