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About me

My name is Lucie Bromfield, and I’m a sports massage therapist based in Tonyrefail, South Wales.

I joined a local triathlon club in 2014. After trying to get to grips with swimming, cycling and running, I realised I needed some help. I was starting to suffer having never been sporty or active for most of my life. A visit to an osteopath revealed that I was hypermobile. I realised that might explain why my body never felt like it was cooperating.

How I got started with sports massage

I became interested in sports massage in 2016 after reading a book on trigger point therapy by Clair Davies and Amber Davies. It gave self-treatment advice on how to overcome soft-tissue pain by treating trigger points in the muscle and soft tissues. This form of deep tissue therapy helped my pain like nothing else had.

In 2017 I found out I’d won a place in the London marathon ballot entries. So I went to a chiropractor hoping they could cure my cranky knees. During the consultation process, my pain map ended up looked more like a pain scribble.

Despite seeing the chiropractor regularly, I wasn’t able to find the cure for my knees. I got to the end of the marathon in tears and was determined to get to the bottom of my problems. Turns out it was my bottom, my glutes didn’t work! I was finding out more about muscles and movement. It was also interesting finding knots and resistance in the muscles that weren’t working properly.

After a friend asked me to have a go at her tense shoulders I realised I needed to find a way to get qualified, So in September 2019 I started my first professional sports massage course.

Qualifying as a sports massage therapist

I qualified at the beginning of 2020. While the pandemic initially put a stop to treatments, as soon as I was able to start again I could see how much of a benefit this therapy had.

I’m currently studying for my level 4 qualification. Above all I’m enjoying learning more techniques to help muscles relax and let go of tension, and to help my clients live a pain free life.

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Tonyrefail, South Wales