Sports massage therapy room

Meet the sports massage therapy room. Cosy, chilled out vibes for some deep tissue therapy 👐💜

It’s the perfect space to find some me time and unwind. Together we’ll work out a plan of the painful areas to be worked on.

I’m not a believer in “MORE PAIN, MORE GAIN!” It’s more a case of persuading the painful areas that they don’t need to hold on so tight anymore. There’s no way that adding more pain is going to achieve that goal!

So if you’d rather a sports massage therapist to use super deep pressure then you’d be better off finding someone else.

How I use sports massage therapy to help you

If you want someone who’s going to respect your boundaries during a sports massage treatment then I’d like to reassure you I’ll do exactly that.

I use a combination of techniques that focus on loosening the fascia around the muscles, allowing space for the nerves and blood to flow more easily. This in turn will have a dramatically positive effect on the sensations of pain in that area.

I can also advise on aftercare, and strengthening exercises to support that area.

Get in touch to book an appointment. I’m based in Tonyrefail, South Wales.

Oh and I love classical music so you will probably be listening to Bach or Mozart during our treatment, unless you have some requests!

Take care