Stress and the immune system

Stress and the immune system

Did you know that there’s been many studies into the link between stress and the immune system?

The joy (and stress) of Christmas

It’s that time of year…

Every day in your diary is full, and you’re struggling to find time for yourself, even to do some Christmas shopping. If you’re lucky you might have a Christmas show to go and watch, or family to visit. Then there’s also looming work deadlines; things to finish off before the office shuts for two weeks.

Feeling burnt out? I used to work in a gift shop in Cardiff where we worked up until Christmas eve, wrapping last minute gifts, frantically keeping the shelves stocked and the tills ringing. Then Christmas day would come around and I’d be hit with a cold. My immune system could only hold on for so long before crashing down.

I didn’t know at the time about the link between your immune system and stress levels, but it makes so much sense looking back.

A magic wand for the immune system?

If there was a magic wand to boost our immune system then surely we’d be queuing up for it. It’s never as simple as a magic wand. But reducing our stress levels by doing the things that bring us joy, and help us feel safe, which will release those mood boosting hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, could help us along the way.

There’s even been studies showing how having a massage will boost the number of white blood cells in the body because of the effect that it has on the nervous system, the boss of the body. So if ever there was a reason you needed to book an appointment with your local, friendly sports massage therapist, then now is the time to do it!

What are the things that help you relax?

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